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So you’re all moved into your brand new home or apartment, and now it’s time to throw a housewarming party. Since this kind of occurrence is rare these days, you should do it up well, and inject your personality into it.

The problem is, we are often unsure how to start planning this kind of event. One decorator suggests that any host should begin by asking themselves, “How do I want people to remember my first party?” It’s a simple question, but one that when answered will be your guide through every aspect of planning. Spend some time considering who you are, your personality, and then start planning with what will make you happy in mind. Why? Because if your event makes you happy, then your guests will notice, and they will be too. So here are five things that can help you to pull off a memorable house warming party that will please oh you and your guests.

Prepare Your House

The first thing you will want to do is make sure your house is ready for public consumption. Unlike other parties, no areas should be off-limits to your guests, otherwise it’s not really a house warming party.  People will want to see your new home and tour it, so you have to prep the whole house to the point that you feel good about people being in various rooms.  In other words, every space in your dwelling needs to be ready for guests. This can be the hardest part, but it’s also an opportunity to clean and tidy the whole house and consider not only the party, but how you want the place decorated in general.

Send Invitations

Start by making a guest list. Don’t set any limits to who you invite but make sure that everyone will be comfortable and have room to move around. It’s also a great idea to invite your new neighbors, and gives an opportunity to break the ice and show hospitality. After all, you will need your neighbors to help out in at some point.

As far as which folks to invite, pick the folks who will bring the right kind of energy to the moment.  This milestone is your first opportunity to allow your friends and neighbors enjoy your new home with you. Their vitality will impact how you feel about the space.  Consider the people who will being warmth to your home.  Also, invite your guests to write their name in a guest journal when they arrive. This way you will have memento of the event.

The Party Should Reflect You

When you are planning make sure everything from the activities to the atmosphere to the food and beverages you serve reflect the things you most enjoy.  You want this party to actually reflect who you are. If you love to plant gardens, give a quick tour of the house and take guests outside to enjoy the garden or your plans for the yard.  If you love to cook, prepare a meal for everyone to enjoy together

Choose Food and Beverages

Getting the place in order is important, but so is the food and drink you serve.  Since it is a party, make this area festive, but again, reflective of who you are.  You might also consider serving things that you won’t freak out if they are spilled and dropped.  People usually drop food and drink on the sofa or the carpet. Messes happen, so consider this before the party.  As well, you need to think about how food and drink will be placed.

Make sure that there are coasters everywhere so they are easily accessible.  Perhaps even get some of your friends involved.  You’ll want to make sure guests can help themselves unless it is a sit-down meal.  If the party is going to be a really large one, hire help to serve cocktails while partygoers mingle that way you can make sure everything moves seamlessly.

Don’t Try To Do Too Much

You can see that this sort of event can be as complicated or simple as you want it to be.  Planning is key.  Once you have it all laid out, decide what you can handle.  The last thing you want is to have a party that is too much for you.  Often people try to do too much.  One way to ensure you’ll be prepared for your housewarming party is to make a checklist, and include assignments and time tables.  Doing this will help keep you organized before and after the event.

Also, try to avoid going overboard with party favors and activities. There’s no need to stress out about activities for your guests unless that’s something you really enjoy or want.

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